The Maxi-Mix Silo System is the modern, economical way to buy mortar and grout!

Here’s why Maxi-Mix is so much better than conventional bag and bulk bag systems:

    • Completely eliminates the inconsistencies caused by hand-mixing. Arrives on-site pre-blended by computer at our factory to ensure that you get consistent quality and perfect colour from batch to batch.
    • Saves on labour costs – no on-site mixing or handling required! And one operator can service up to 20 bricklayers.
    • Silos are refilled on-site by pneumatic tank trucks. There are no empty silos to exchange, no mixers to maintain (using the built-in mixing auger), no pallets to monitor and NO work interruptions!
    • The silos are closed, self-contained systems so the mortar or grout can’t be contaminated by the weather, it won’t freeze in the winter and there’s no on-site theft of bags.
    • Your work site is cleaner and safer because there are no messy sand piles, bags, pallets, waste or mixing equipment cluttering it up. Cleaning up the Maxi-Mix system only takes 10 minutes!
    • You’ll never over-order supplies again! In fact, any leftover product is credited to the contractor. (subject to certain conditions)
    • Silos available with built in mixing auger OR WITHOUT. (contractor uses own mixer)


Our specially designed placing unit, capable of lifting a silo with 15-ton content, arrives at your job site. Within 45 minutes, our specially trained drivers have safely and efficiently set it up in a compact 8’ footprint.


After a simple hook-up to water and electricity, a final adjustment to the water content is made and the push of a button, you’ll get tub after tub of consistently mixed, quality mortar or grout.


Once the mortar or grout level reaches a red line, give us a call! We will dispatch a bulk tanker to your site within 24 hours to refill the silo pneumatically on-site. No labour required on your part at all and no lost time!

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